Larry Barnard - Close Quarter Enemies: The Realities of Dealing with Vermin in the Trenches of World War One
The objective of this talk is to use modern scientific knowledge to examine a few key pest species that soldiers fighting in the trenches of WW1 would have had to face.  We will look at what kinds of conducive conditions are ideal for different pest organisms to thrive and draw a direct correlation to the trenches of WW1 and to why such areas were perfect for these organisms.  The main focus will be rats and body lice although we may touch on pests such as flies and bedbugs.  Firstly we will display scientific facts and data for each organism and then compare the conditions of the trenches to show why these conditions were perfect for each.  
A brief history of current pest control methods in dealing with such pests will also be given and will show what the soldiers were doing in dealing with each type.  
The conclusions for the talk will show how lack of understanding about these organisms and the absence of modern pest control techniques made dealing with these organisms extremely difficult.  In addition, by the conclusion of the talk, people will have a better understanding of what challenges these organisms actually brought to the battle fields of WW1.
Larry has received two diplomas in natural resources sciences as a Forestry Technician and a Parks Technologist.  His recent occupation has been a pest control technician for a large pest control firm and he has worked in this field for 21 years.  One of his many interests is history and historical reenacting.  He has been a war of 1812 re-enactor since 2005.  His other interests include hiking, fishing, exploring the great outdoors, archery, exploring caves and art.