Battle of Moraviantown

Experiences of British Prisoners of War During the War of 1812 by Thomas Fournier

The second talk in our online lecture series will take place on Saturday, December 5th at 1500 (EST).  We are offering this talk due to feedback and numerous requests and this will be a natural companion and follow-up to the talk by Tom Fournier held on November 7th (which can be found here).  This talk will look at the experience of British POWs from the War of 1812 through following the experiences of the prisoners of the 41st Regiment of Foot who were captured at the Battle of the Thames (Moraviantown) held in the United States and their subsequent return to Canada.

The talk will also touch on:

British arrangements for American prisoners

The series of prisoner retaliations related to the “Queenstown 23”

The Cartel for the Management and Exchange of Prisoners

The high rate of desertions by soldiers of the 41st Regiment while in captivity in the United States.



Tom Fournier describes himself as a history enthusiast.

He is an active War of 1812 re-enactor who at this time serves as the Lieutenant Colonel commanding the infantry elements of the Crown Forces North America as well as acting as the overall Second in Command.

Prior to this role he was a member of the 41st Regiment of Foot, rising through the ranks to become its commanding Officer.  Inspired by his time with the 41st Regiment, Tom has studied and researched its service in Canada.  Tom has written and lectured on the 41st Regiment.  Many of his writings can be found at: in the history section and the blog.  Tom has long had an interest in circumstances surrounding the Right Division’s (made up primarily of the 41st Regiment) retreat up the Thames River which ended with the Battle of the Thames.

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