Steve Hartwick - The Pursuit to Mons: A Modern Cavalryman's Journey Down a Hundred Year Old Corridor

In Mid-September 2018 the International Cavalry Association hosted a Commemorative Ride from Cambrai France to Mons Belgium. The ride followed the route of the Canadian Corp during the last hundred days of the First World War. Steve will set out items for display, present images and talk about his experiences from the training prior to  going through the Ride and his interactions with other riders and the French and Belgian people he met.


Steve Hartwick served as a member of the 1st Hussars for over 24 years and retired as a Master Warrant Officer and Squadron Sergeant Major. He has been with the 1st Hussars Ceremonial Cavalry Troop for the past three years where he performs the duties of the Troop Sergeant.

An active member of the re-enacting community since 1989 Steve has portrayed several different roles in several different time periods. His love of history helps to motivate Steve to see what is next.