Hidden in Plain View

Hidden in Plain View: Re-Reading Colonial Markers in Search of the Enslaved  by Natasha Henry

On Saturday 6th February 2021, at 1500 (EST) The History Symposium will be joined by Natasha Henry.  She is an educator, historian, and curriculum consultant. She is the president of the Ontario Black History Society. Natasha Henry is currently completing a PhD in History at York University, researching the enslavement of African people in early Ontario. Through her various professional, academic, and community roles, Natasha’s work is grounded in her commitment to research, collect, preserve, and disseminate the histories of Black Canadians.


Natasha Henry will walk the audience through a reinterpretation of some common markers of settler colonialism and loyalist history, such as heritage plaques, monuments, and town and street names to unearth the history and lives of Black women, men, and children who were enslaved in these same geographical spaces.  


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