Jordan Kipp - Keep the Powder Burning: Reloading and Maintenance of Antique and Vintage Firearms

Jordan Kipp got his start in antique firearms at the same time he began his historical reenacting experiences. Jordan has made great efforts to gain knowledge and practicality to the loading, use and maintenance of flintlocks, sidelocks, black powder cartridge and modern smokeless arms along with the equipment and supplies associated with them, and how they were applied by the men and women who used them in their eras. His focus is on firepower and how technology through the centuries defined its usage. 


This workshop will look at:

  • The gradual evolution of military firearms and how tactics and technology influenced each other, in light detail
  • The procedures and technical highlights of reloading the Martini Henry military cartridge, and how to do so with modern materials.
  • General upkeep, storage and preventing old age from setting in 
  • Tactics involved when fighting with black powder