Speakers and Workshops


Ted Barris - Dambusters: Canadian Airmen and the Secret Raid Against Nazi Germany


Zenon Andrusyszyn - Documenting the Carvings Left by World War One Soldiers

Larry Barnard - Close Quarter Enemies: The Realities of Dealing with Vermin in the Trenches of World War One

Betsy Bashore - Women's Attire in the US and Canada, 1800-1818

David Blain, Robert Norton, Kevin Norton and Robert Sacco - An Overview of the Roman Imperial Army

Jeff Brown - First World War Military Fashion Show

Tim Compeau - "A New Batch of Ships" for the Lakes: British Experiments in Naval Technology and the Challenges of Frontier Warfare in Canada, 1812-1815

Mark Dickerson - You Want the Tooth?  You Can't Handle the Tooth!

Yvonne Drebert - Exploring our Stories Through Film: The Bruce

Rosalyn Elm - The Longhouse and the Chapel: Reclaiming our Spiritual Birthright Between the Tension of History and Reality

Steve Hartwick - The Pursuit to Mons: A Modern Cavalryman's Journey Down a Hundred Year Old Corridor

Patrick Kinghan - Impressions of History: Reenactment and Teaching the Past

Jordan Kipp - Keep the Powder Burning: Reloading and Maintenance of Antique and Vintage Firearms

Tracy Macdonnell - A Passing Obsession: The British Fife and the Buttrey Manuscript

Al McGregor - Can History Pay?

Susan Smart - Death and Burial in 19th Century Ontario

Susan Spencer - Period Hand Stitchery Secrets

Georgiana Stanciu - The Story Behind the Royal Canadian Regiment Museum: a "museum room" at the Infantry School Corps Building in London, Ontario

Glenn Stott - The Last Invasion: McArthur's Raid

Lynne Stott - A Quilting Workshop

George Wells - The Enemy in Your Pants

Barbara Whelan - Of Warp and Weft: A Timeline of Fabric Production