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Glenn Stott - The Last Invasion: McArthur's Raid

The Last Invasion: McArthur's Raid will present  a brief outline of the over twenty days when General Duncan McArthur and 700 Kentuckians, Ohioans, and First Nations made an expedition into Southwestern Ontario in the late fall of 1814, intending to capture Burlington Heights and divide British forces.  Using primary documents, you will be able to follow exact locations of the American camps and the activities which left an indelible mark on the residents of the London and Western Districts of Upper Canada. The last battle of the war on Canadian soil will also be discussed.  Stott will also explain the enigma which McArthur's Raid has  and perhaps we can discover the reasons for it.  

Glenn is a retired educator with the former Middlesex County Board of Education and the Thames Valley Board.  As a local historian and reenactor he has become quite interested in the War of 1812 in Southwestern Ontario, writing three books on various topics.  Currently his interest has led him to using primary resources to document the last invasion of Upper Canada by American forces.

He is married to his wife Lynne and has four adult children and six wonderful grandchildren.