The Upper Canadian Rebellion in Essex County, 1838

The Upper Canadian Rebellion in Essex County, 1838 by Alexander Dale

On Saturday 8th May 2021, at 1500 (EDT) Heritage Days will be joined by Alexander Dale.  Alex Dale is currently an Interpretation Officer at Fort Malden National Historic Site in Amherstburg, Ontario.  His responsibilities include supervising the dynamic group of staff and students who bring the history of the War of 1812 and the Rebellions of 1837 to life through engaging visitor experience programming.  He began his career with Parks Canada at Fort George as a youth member of the 41st Fife and Drum Corps for ten years, and subsequently as an interpreter at the fort.  In 2007, he made the move to the 'Right Division' and took on the role of Education Coordinator at Fort Malden.  He became the Interpretation Officer in 2010.  He has experienced many of the commemorations and changes over the past decade, including actively organizing and participating in 1812 Bicentennial events, most memorable of which for him was organizing a re-creation of the 'Retreat from Amherstburg', a nine-day march from Fort Malden to Moraviantown.  He continues his education in history on a part-time basis through distance learning at the University of Guelph.  

The Upper Canada Rebellion in Essex County in 1838 will explore a region that is largely forgotten and omitted in school text books, but was truly in the heat of conflict.  Some of the largest skirmishes of the rebellion occurred along the Detroit frontier, including the capture of the Schooner Anne, the Battle of Fighting Island, the Battle of Pelee Island, and the final showdown at the Battle of Windsor.  This presentation will talk about some of the lesser known stories of these engagements, highlighting some of the socio-economic reasons for insurrection in the region, the vast amount of rebel support from the neighbouring states, and the details of each of these rebel raids.  


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