George Wells - The Enemy in Your Pants

From the time man first discovered the pleasures of sin, he has also experienced the torments of the Pox. It might equally be claimed that to know something of the history of syphilis, since it first burst with all its horror on the consciousness of Western Europe in the late fifteenth century is to learn something about the history of modern medicine, the controls over sexual behaviour and the cultural dimensions of sexually transmitted diseases. No disease is pleasant, but those that are sexually transmitted are also generally seen as shameful and smutty, not to be talked about in polite society but rather the subject of a furtive, almost forbidden, interest. The prevalence of syphilis made it a major public health issue, during both world wars VD was a greater cause of illness among soldiers than battlefield wounds. The enemy in your pants explores how a night with Venus ends up becoming a lifetime with Mercury.


Born George Nicholson Idenden in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. A graduate of the University of Western Ontario with a Bachelor of Arts, and a Master of Divinity from Huron University College. He is currently Priest-in-Charge of the Parish of Tyrconnell and the chaplain of the Old St. Thomas Church in St. Thomas. A member of the Cathedral Church of St. Paul’s Chapter of Canons. Chaplain of Royal Canadian Legion Branch 41, President of the Elgin County Developmental Services, Treasurer of the Ontario Visual Heritage Project, and spiritual care provider with the Elgin County Palliative Care Outreach Team. A founding member of The King’s Company of Historical Re-enactors and History Matters Association. He participates in many roles depicting the history of South Western Ontario.